About Me

Marilyn Brown loves to photograph the endlessly beautiful landscapes of Florida where she's lived for over 50 years. At University of Florida she studied photography with Pulitzer Prize winner Buddy Davis. Her mother Ruth Hood was a talented artist and photographed China and Japan in the 40's. Marilyn works in black & white and uses an antique 4"x5" field camera. In defining her work, she refers to Stieglitz, who said that making a photograph becomes part of an ongoing relationship between artist and environment. And that above all, there must be an emotional element.

The Everglades, coastal shorelines, sunrises and sunsets and the historic hidden places in Florida, all have personalities unique to Florida that she constantly tries to capture on film. Marilyn's hope is that by making others fall in love with Florida's natural beauty, it will continue to flourish and be a source of awe, inspiration, and spiritual delight as God meant it to be.